Project 0001

Project 0001 is ScarabMajor's original school art from the late 1900s (1991). 3x art pieces piece for this project, each with two parts to it, one routed in the past, and the other , the now.  the first part you see below, The second part, a reimagined piece by the same artist, 30 years later. 100% digital. On competition of Auction, you get a high-res scan of the original + entitles you to the second piece - airdropped shortly after, the re-imagined art currently in development now, 30+ years later. same boyish charm + the wisdom of the ages.

The first two pieces are scanned from the original 90's art. The third is to be chosen by the community from a selection of past works.  Check my Twitter for deets. 1st of many projects.


I often felt I was riding on the edge of an explosion? Pentel marker, water colour and watercolour pencil.


Future ATV. A non-military version of a popular film franchise two legged vehicle. Guache airbrush on line and wash board

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Yep, you are right...that's not the title. I got a bunch of options to that i'll reveal on twitter to choose from when the time comes

Project 0002

I'll fight you for **it

Scarab Beetles fight other Beetles for the Shit they collect. What Shit would you fight for? what shit do you collect? what shit do you stand on top of to stand tall/ answers in the discord channel...

Get collecting some shit.. shortly


Named after a street cleaning machine that used to wake me up at 5am outside my window EVERYDAY after big nights out in Camden, London.

I now live in vancouver B.C.
All you need to know right there.

Can't wait to meet you.